How modern Vikings overcome the mythical Jante Law and combine peak performance and values with the principle of ‘Dugnad’.

Erling Haaland (football), Karsten Warholm (athletics), Casper Ruud (tennis), and Victor Hovland (golf) – are just some of the Norwegian athletes who have climbed to the top of the world’s most popular sports overnight. This is no coincidence, but rather the result of what Anders Indset calls the ‘Viking Code’. This book reveals the secrets of Norwegian success and tells of a performance culture that is not only at home in sports, but also deeply rooted in Norwegian values. It deals with apparent contradictions between high performance and meaningfulness and illuminates why performance is important and, above all, can be fun.

Anders Indset impressively shows what leaders in business and politics, as well as society as a whole, can learn from the Viking Code and vividly demonstrates how a new, value-based performance culture can become a reality.

‘Das infizierte Denken’

Since 2020, we have been shaken awake from a fatal slumber. We had made ourselves too comfortable over the last 50 years with assumptions that ignored the crisis points of our world.

Indset argues for a re-discovery and a new discovery of thinking. A thinking that questions our basic attitudes and not only allows for changes but welcomes them.


Technology will save humanity, but who will save humans themselves? What comes after digitalization? These are fundamental philosophical questions. We are facing two existential challenges: How do we avoid ecological collapse, and how do we want to coexist with digital superintelligence?

Wild Knowledge

Today we live in a world where society generates knowledge faster than wisdom. There is a state of permanent revolution and constant change. Those who master the art of discovering, structuring, and utilizing the power of ‘Wild Knowledge’ will emerge as winners in both the business world and in life. Wild Knowledge, written by leading economic philosopher Anders Indset, presents a strong and radical approach to how we can view the future and solve the challenges of life and business.


For decades, management has learned lessons and absorbed wisdom from a variety of disciplines: psychology, sociology, biology, and more. But philosophy and the practical wisdom it embodies have been overlooked. That ends now. Anders Indset has made it his mission to bring philosophy into every organization of our time. This book offers 50 considerations on practical philosophy and the application of philosophy in business and leadership. It is the starting point for a world of practical applied philosophy, a first glimpse into the beginning of a new era.