Saving the Mensch with humanistic capitalism

A revolution of consciousness or our own demise – the choice is ours.

Algorithms are increasingly becoming authorities and competing directly with humans. Recommendation engines have long taken control of our lives. We are threatened by a final narcissistic injury, and we are alienated by the fatal information society that we live in. But humans are still the ‘gluons’ that connect our perceived reality – the environment, society, and the economy – with our inner world: what it means to be a human being, a Mensch. If we want to ensure that the machines continue to serve us after the digital tsunami, then now is the time to leverage the full power of our reason to build a humanistic society.

»A must-read for anyone who does not just want to see the future, but wants to be an active part of it.«
Marshall Goldsmith, Two-time Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker

»Anders Indset's thought-provoking new book is a must-read, and one I wish I had read prior to the outbreak of the pandemic.«
Dorie Clark, author of "Reinventing You" and Member of Executive Education Faculty Duke University Fuqua School of Business.

»The Quantum Economy is a highly timely and truly relevant book. This new world – with Covid-19 and all the panic following it – begs us all to redefine how we live and how we do business. A must read for anyone in
search for meaning in how to run businesses.«
Martin Lindstrom, New York Times best-selling author of Small Data and Buyology

»The quantum economy opens up new perspectives on the economy of today and tomorrow - and on how our economy affects society. An inspirational reading that stimulates discussion and leaves a lasting impression.«
Yves Pigneur, Professor of Management Information Systems, University of Lausanne

Humanity is confronted by two existential challenges: how can we avoid ecological collapse, and how should we navigate – and live with – digital superintelligence and exponential technologies? The Old Economy is dead. So is the New Economy. The silicon valley dream of endless growth for everyone can never and will never happen. What follows is the Q Economy – the Quantum Economy.

In the Q Economy, we reduce our consumption, reuse our physical goods and rethink our business models. We build new global institutions, radically redefine how we educate our children and find ways to address the gap between the technocratic elite and the working class. In the Quantum Economy, linear explanatory patterns, finite models and rigid hierarchies no longer work; instead, new connections and interdependencies constantly emerge. The world isn’t rational, and neither is the economy. In the new quantum paradigm, it is no longer about either-or, but about both-and. It is not about winning or losing, but about playing as long as we can.

We are now at a pivotal point in human history. Technology will save mankind, but who is going to save the Mensch? We must decide whether we will go down or unite and work on a guiding vision and a new infinite operating system for the economy.

First published in 2019, The Quantum Economy has already become reality. Now available in English in an extended and updated edition.

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