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Anders seeks to understand. Learning how to learn – refining the art of being wrong – is the driving force behind Anders’ actions and thoughts. He describes his journey as a search for better explanations. Anders is also fascinated and driven by the potential of positive progress, and the liberating power of questioning supposedly self-evident truths.

It is not knowledge that makes a real Mensch, but a profound understanding of what we know today and what we do not yet know.

As a student of the science of consciousness, Anders Indset pursues a philosophy of dialogical discovery and explores the space between ‘what is’ and ‘that which is not’. Contrary to the suggested binary of the digital world, he sees his work as a dance on the edge of mind and matter, which reveals ambiguities and is never absolute.

To do this, Anders dives into the void in the dialogue in search of a better understanding. In line with his holistic approach to philosophy, he consciously unifies the differences and contradictions in order to let them grow into something new or a coherent whole – the refinement. He defines the prerequisite of the (European) refinement as a triad – peace, trust, and learning – an ethic that is shaped by learning from one another. It is the guideline for acting for one another – in society, politics, and business – and enables the perception of progress. From this the ‘Mit-Mensch’ – the fellow human being – arises. The philosophy of refinement has no end in mind, it is a process without a goal, resembling life itself: a “wonderful journey to nowhere”. Anders does not start from his own rigid construct of thought with which to explain the world, but rather from a relational and fluid philosophy from which concrete concepts – better explanations – emerge.

For Anders, philosophy is a thinking practice. He brings thoughts to life.

These help people learn how to deal with ‘the new’ so that they are able to make better decisions and act appropriately. From his philosophical concept of ‘Enkelfähig’ – prosperity for posterity – as the basis for “the art of doing business in the 21st century”, to his ideas about ‘The (European) Refinement’ and his reflections on what he calls the ‘The Final Narcissistic Injury’ (Narzisstischen Kränkung der Menschheit) stem from his passion for technological progress and for the Mensch. The same applies to his concept of ‘The Quantum Economy’, which can be understood as a new operating system for society. Perhaps most importantly, Anders constantly seeks to apply his approaches to the real world and help them continually evolve; they are playful and lively.


Anders’ forthcoming books ‘The Viking Code’ and ‘Singularity Paradox – Briding Humanity & AI’ are both planned for 2024

Anders’ most recent book ‘DAS INFIZIERTE DENKEN’ landed directly on the Spiegel bestseller list in Germany. It was published as “A love letter to life” by holding a mirror to our current society, which has made itself comfortable in supposedly self-evident truths and is thus blind to the trouble spots of our world. Instead, Anders argues for a rediscovery and reconceptualization of thinking itself, a way of thinking that distances itself from the obvious, questions our basic attitudes, and not only allows changes but welcomes them. He illustrates why we have to open ourselves to the other – to paradoxes and simultaneities – so that we can recognize effective forces in good time and act accordingly. Only if we are open to the world and have a high tolerance for ambiguities do we have the chance to shape a future that is humane.

Anders’ PHILOSOPHY@WORK ( is a collection of philosophical essays – with contributions from many of today’s leading thinkers – that focus on how companies and leaders can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

In his Spiegel bestseller ‘THE QUANTUM ECONOMY’, Anders presents us with a new operating system for the economy – a humanistic capitalism – in which linear explanatory patterns are replaced by insight into the permanent development of new connections. The quantum economy is a playful way of potentiality to design a holistic economy, in which it is not about winning or losing (finiteness), but playing along as long as possible (infinity). Anders’ concept was nominated for the prestigious Thinkers50 2019 Breakthrough Idea award.

Anders’ book “WILD KNOWLEDGE – Outthink the Revolution” ( was published in English in 2017. In Germany, the book was published by Campus-Verlag under the title “Wildes Wissen” in September 2019 and immediately entered the Spiegel bestseller list.


»If we want to understand society, we must rethink the economy.«

– Anders Indset from “The Quantum Economy – Saving the Mensch with Humanistic Capitalism”


Anders builds bridges between Mensch & Technology and shapes the economy of tomorrow with his (approach) to practical philosophy. He looks back on two decades of experience in working with multinational companies and is a trusted sparring partner for international CEOs and political leaders, and is a guest lecturer at leading international business schools. Thinkers50 counts Anders among the most influential thinkers when it comes to the future of business and leadership. Whether on big stages or in small groups, with his unconventional way of thinking and his inspiring and dynamic personality, he moves and activates people, and leads them beyond ‘the given’ and what they hold to be self-evident.

Anders’ work focuses on the dialogue between philosophy and business, which has boundless potential. Philosophy – “the art of being wrong” – supports the continuous improvement of business models, methods, and strategies by critically questioning basic economic assumptions and beliefs and uncovering core problems.

The unlimited openness of this approach to paradoxes, differences, and ambiguities harbors the potential from which innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial perspectives and solutions can emerge.

The native Norwegian, who originally gained global recognition as “The Business Philosopher”, is a sought after keynote speaker, and the author of three international bestsellers “Wild Knowledge”, “Quantum Economy” and “Infected Thinking”, which have been translated into over 10 languages. Anders is also a co-founder of Njordis and the Global Institute of Leadership & Technology (GILT), in addition to his many co-initiated projects – GBI (Global Blockchain Initiative), #Enkelfähig and “Die Veredlung Europas” (The European Refinement).

TRUSTED BY (excerpt)

»Our leaders of today need the philosophy of the past paired with the scientific knowledge and technologies of tomorrow «

– Anders Indset from “Wild Knowledge – Outthink the Revolution”