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    The Quantum Economy

    The World Economic Forum (WEF) embraced the term 'The Quantum Economy' in 2022, but they approached it purely from a technological standpoint. My concept of the Quantum Economy, published in 2019, offers a holistic perspective. It envisions an upgrade to our capitalist model, framing it as the operating system of society. In this Socio-Ecological-Market-Economy, social elements arise when there's prosperity to distribute, and ecology aligns with economy in a synergistic relationship. In the future, resource efficiency won't merely align with an ideological sustainability model. Instead, it will become integral to profitable business operations. In other words, if a business isn't efficient, it will become obsolete. The Quantum Economy evaluates potential future economic scenarios and investigates the capabilities of Exponential Technologies, with a specific focus on quantum technology.

  • The Philosophy of Enkelfähig

  • The Philosophy of Enkelfähig