• The Fountain of Truth: A World of Perfect Knowledge

    A World of Wonders What are the implications of a world where every question has an answer, where every problem has a solution? When the pursuit of knowledge has reached its peak, and the collective human intellect stands at the pinnacle of enlightenment. The Syncretic Era, a harmonized world, a mythical enlightenment—Perfect Knowledge—a world where every conversation has been held and every puzzle solved.

    In the early 16th century, the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León searched the ‘New World’ for the Fountain of Youth, a mythical source said to grant eternal life. 500 years later, many scientists and technology enthusiasts believe we are on the brink of a breakthrough in the field of longevity. The pursuit still aims at the Fountain of Youth, but now, thanks to the rapid rise of LLMs, we drink from another, eerily similar source of life: the foundation of truth. Once eternal youth is achieved, we yearn for eternal truth. It seems to me that we strive to drink from the »Fountain of Truth«, believing that with perfect knowledge we can overcome our mortal limitations.

  • When the Tesla Bot Takes My Porsche 911 for a Spin

    Let's be clear: I don't own a Tesla Bot or a Porsche 911. But could a robot driver be the bridge to autonomous driving? Will we be packing our household robot—one that helps our kids with homework and cares for grandma—into our suitcase when we jet off on vacation? Or will it be sitting next to us on the plane?


    “Preparing for a radical restart and some kind of Biblical end-time?”

    In 2017, I wrote an outlook with predictions on ‘our future’. Admittedly, not all forecasts were precise—some missed by years or got distorted by wars and the pandemic. Yet, as I stumbled upon the article last week, I was struck by a familiar realization: the course of anticipating technological progress and its potential futures are not only observable but seem predictable, from how progress seems to happen.


    Following the journalistic perception in advance, Davos 2024 initially seemed something like a crisis meeting. Restoring trust. In science, politics, and especially in the economy. That was the core theme of this year's World Economic Forum. However, it became clear during the week: The World Economic Forum has become a showcase and competition of global capitalism. Economy drives change.

  • A Glimpse of Tomorrow from the Streets of Kyiv

    In an era where the very fabric of our existence is tested – whether by the impending doom of climate change, the challenges of burgeoning technologies, the gnawing pain of hunger, or the intricate dance of geopolitics – it's in Kyiv that I find a pulse. A pulse that resonates with hope, resilience, and an undying spirit. Here, amidst ancient streets and modern aspirations, a community converges, not just to survive, but to thrive and redefine.

  • Life without performance is meaningless

    Why we must not only feel life, but above all fill it in order to be able to enjoy a fulfilling life.

    The year 2006 holds symbolic significance for this epiphany in my journey. That year, Linde's then-CEO Wolfgang Reitzle was honored as Manager of the Year in Germany. Coincidentally, this accolade came just as our agency secured Linde as a client. My daily life oscillated between elite team-handball and entrepreneurship—a challenging blend, but one I passionately embraced, immersing myself in the evolution.

  • THE EMPATHY TRAP – Why Future Leaders Will Need More

    Mark has been captain of the MS Europa for 40 years. He is now handing over the helm to his successor. A young colleague who is highly regarded, very competent and equally likeable. Nevertheless, for the experts in the circle, he does not yet match Mark's empathy.

    On the occasion of Mark's 60th birthday, he is described as "a phenomenal leadership figure". They say he's "deeply empathetic, always attuned to the feelings of his employees, quick to lend a sympathetic ear, and skilled at understanding guests' perspectives". His empathy is consistently highlighted as his signature strength.

  • The Norse Code: A Performance Culture Rooted in Values

    In Istanbul's Atatürk Stadium, an imposing figure steps onto the sacred turf of the Champions League final. Erling Haaland, an undeniable beacon of football, one of the sporting giants of our time. At the same time on the ochre dust of Roland Garros, Casper Ruud prepares for another final, after his convincing 3-0 victory over Alexander Zverev in the semi-finals of the French Open.

  • WE, THE UNDEAD: The Quest for Vitality in the 21st Century

    In times when the boundaries between perceived reality and virtuality continue to blur, a pressing question emerges: Where has humanity gone? The threat lies not in the polarization of supposed opposites between analog and digital, but in the way we perceive the world. For in a virtual world, the perception of our own perception is just as real as in the supposed physical world.

  • Are we Living in a (Quantum) Simulation?

    The question “What is real?” can be traced back to the shadows in Plato’s cave. Two thousand years later, René Descartes lacked knowledge about arguing against an evil deceiver feeding us the illusion of sensation. Descartes’ epistemological concept later led to various theories of what our sensory experiences actually are.