A Ménage À Troi of ‘Doing’

Complexity and chaos of information. Uncertainties and ambiguities. A clusterfuck of paradoxes. How do we cope with the now?

#1. Set aside time every week for something new
It’s vital to schedule opportunities to face your fears, learn something new, or just play. Because it’s true: “If you stop playing, you risk growing up.” It’s not about finding a “work-life balance,” striving for happiness, or seeking a purpose in life. Rather, we ought to aim for positive progress and better problems, all the while filling our lives with purpose. Life is a wonderful journey to nowhere, and if you don’t know why you’re here, you simply haven’t chosen yet.

#2. Give yourself 2–3 hours every week for “Thinking Time”
This can include writing, reading, or just letting your mind wander. Take a piece of paper and a pen and stare at the blank sheet of paper until you begin to forget and start to think. Mix it up with some “thinking out loud,” discussing your thoughts with a completely different job and/or perspective on life.
NOTE: Remember that when you accept defeat in a discussion, or simply the fact that someone else might have a better idea, you actually come out as a winner. After all, you then are the one who’s learning something new.

#3. Read a book
Dive into metaphysics, quantum theory, and philosophy. Throw in a comic book while you’re at it. Genius has always begotten genius, and artwork begets new artwork, so absorb whatever you can.


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