We are getting closer to that time of the year. What will be new in 2017? Any resolutions? Start smoking? Stop smoking? What is it going to be?

Here are 3 things you should do in 2017 – and the good thing? You do not need to wait until January 1st.  Start tomorrow morning, and follow up in the next week.

#1. Set off time every week in your Calendar for something new. Something where you can face your fears or simply learn something new – or just play. It is not about finding a „work-life balance“, but rather a „life-life-balance“. Your „work-life“ should include play, and your „private life“ should also be in balance.

#2. Block 1-2 hours every week for „Thinking Time“. It can include writing, reading or just thinking. Mix it up with what I call „thinking out loud“ where you just discuss your thoughts with someone from a completely different job, or with a completely different mindset.  At first as a blocker in your calendar, then intrinsically motivated in your „daily life“.  NOTE: Remember; if you accept losing a discussion, you are the one coming out as a winner. After-all you are then the only one learning something new.

#3. Read a book on metaphysics and on quantum physics, a book of philosophy and a comic (I could recommend the latest „Micky Mouse“ – pocket edition (physical version)

Got It? Let`s do this!

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